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Shipping Method & Average Delivery Time

You cannot change the shipping method after you place an order.

Items will be directly shipped from SUPER DELIVERY’s warehouse to your registered address.
Every shipment is guaranteed against all transportation risks (loss, theft, damages).

  Delivery Time
Shipping Preparation After Shipping
Sea Mail (Japan Post)

Depends on the item.

*Time for collecting
items from vendors,
inspection and
the export handling.

20 – 90 days(*)
Air Mail (Japan Post) 4 – 7 days
ECMS Express 3 – 7 days
EMS (Japan Post) 3 – 6 days
Pantos Express 5 – 8 days
DHL 2 – 5 days
UPS® 2 – 5 days
FedEx 2 – 5 days

About Sea Mail.
Sea Mail Shipping information will not update unless the boat arrives at the destination country, you can only track the shipping status after the boat arrives at the destination.

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