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Delivery Status (Order History)

Please check your Order History.

Since the products will be sent by each vendor first, then be shipped out by SUPER DELIVERY’s warehouse, how to track the package’s shipping status has always been a concern for our customers. In this case, as long as you can use your “Order History” page, you can track your packages very easily.

Confirming Stock: It shows that the vendors are confirming the stock for you. You can click the “Inquire Delivery Status” link to contact the vendor directly about the products’ arrival time or scheduled shipping date.

Preparing for Export: It shows that the vendor has sent your packages. Your package is being delivered to SUPER DELIVERY’s warehouse or SUPER DELIVERY’s warehouse is now preparing the documents for exporting. (Basically, SUPER DELIVERY’s warehouse will send your packages within 5 business days. You can contact the SUPER DELIVERY support desk by clicking the “Inquire Delivery Status” for more details)

Shipped On(DATE): It shows that your packages have been shipped out by SUPER DELIVERY’s warehouse, so you can refer to the shipping method you chose to estimate the shipping time.