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Notes About Customs Clearance

Customs clearance procedures for exports are handled by SUPER DELIVERY-arranged carriers.
For imports, customers may be subject to import tariffs, additional related expenses, and procedures.
Depending on the situation, customers may need to contact carriers or customs to complete the import clearance.


*Regarding Tableware
When clearing import customs, importers or customs authorities from each country may request the submission of import licenses or product information.
Please proceed with the necessary import clearance procedures as required.
For product information, kindly contact the vendors directly.

*For Customers in Korea
Primarily for household appliances and electronic products, there is a possibility of confiscation and customs clearance suspension due to the absence of KC certification during import clearance.
SUPER DELIVERY is not responsible for confiscation, customs clearance suspension or compensation for damages in South Korea that is resulting from failure to obtain KC certification.
Please be aware that failure payment or procedures for import customs clearance may potentially result in confiscation, customs clearance suspension, or return of the shipment.


Customers are responsible for the expenses associated with the above and SUPER DELIVERY will not be held responsible for them. Please confirm with transportation carrier or the customs for further information before purchasing.