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Sold Out

We will charge your credit card/PayPal the actual cost only when the stock has been delivered. When you placed an order, we make the pre-authorization
(similar to the way when you use the credit card/PayPal at Hotel or Rental car).
Therefore, we do not charge you the price of sold-out items. The shipping cost will also automatically recalculate.

*Note: A credit card confirmation message (SMS) would be sent when you place the order, but the amount is not charged but held until the products are shipped. When the products are shipped from the vendor and your order is under preparing export, the actual amount will be charged excluding the number of sold-out products.

  • The refund price will be returned to your credit card/PayPal account automatically after the vendor ship out your packages.
  • If you choose TT transfer as the payment method and there is the sold-out item, we will temporarily keep the amount of overpayment, when the next time you choose TT transfer to make the payment, the amount will be calculated and redeemed automatically.