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The actual amount of the credit card will be charged at the time the vendor ships the products. Therefore, coupons/point discounts will also be applied after the products in your order are shipped.


We offer the SUPER DELIVERY point to our customers when we have a promotion sale. The point can be redeemed when shopping on our website within a valid period.

  • 1 point= JPY 1
  • Expiration date: one year from the last acquisition.
    * The expiration date of points from an event will be different. Please kindly confirm the expiration date of the point on the email.
  • Available for Credit Card payments only.
  • The point cannot be used as the shipping fee.
  • The amount you redeem by the point will be refunded after your packages delivered.


Some coupon would be issued for customers by SUPER DELIVERY.
The coupon can be used to place an order on our website within the expiration period.

  • A coupon may have different conditions such as duration, product, company, or price.
  • A coupon can be selected within the shopping cart and used only once per order.
  • You cannot use or change coupons after placing an order.
  • A coupon that has been already used cannot be returned for any reason.
  • For coupon types that discount the price of the item, the coupon will be applied from the most expensive product.
  • Once a coupon has been applied to one item, it cannot be applied to another item even if the coupon amount is not fully used.
  • In the case of a coupon type that discounts the price of a product at a percentage, the coupon discount rate will be applied to all items at once.
  • If the price of the product changes after placing an order, the coupon will be applied to the item with the changed price.
  • The price on the invoice is the price before the coupon is applied.