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Points Rewards Limited-Time Promotion

To provide a better purchasing experience for our customers, SUPER DELIVERY is now conducting a limited-time promotion on your monthly purchases. Be sure to check out the details below and take advantage of this offer for further shopping at SUPER DELIVERY.

Promotion Details -Volume Purchase Rewards Points-

To those who made more than 3 consecutive purchases, SUPER DELIVERY will offer rewards points based on the cumulative purchases of the previous month.

  • Rewards points are described in detail below.
    • *JPY 1 – JPY 49,999 : 500 points
    • *JPY 50,000 – JPY 99,999 : 1000 Points
    • *JPY 100,000 – JPY 199,999 : 3000 Points
    • *JPY 200,000 and up : 7000 Points
  • The points will be provided on the first business day of the following month. (Japan Standard Time)
  • These volume purchase rewards points are subject to the purchase amount from your THIRD order.
  • SUPER DELIVERY will offer purchase rewards points separately for your first and second orders.
  • Points are valid for 1 year.
  • The timing for granting points can be delayed.
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    General Notes

    In addition to the rewards points introduced above, SUPER DELIVERY also holds other time-limited points promotions occasionally. Please read the following.

    • You can always check your point balance from homepage’s top right corner next to your account info.
    • The granting timing, expiration, and points amount are varied based on the type of rewards points.
    • Points can only be applied using credit card payments.
    • Points cannot be applied to shipping fee.