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Payment method

You cannot change your payment method after you place an order.


We accept payment through PayPal. 
We comply with your agreement with PayPal for the payment limit and the refund method. 
You can order up to JPY 1,000,000 per order at SUPER DELIVERY, calculated by the exchange rate at the time of placing your order.

As the exchange rate at the time of cancellation/sold-out/return will be applied, the refund amount may differ from the amount you were charged for your order.

Credit Card (Visa/Master/AMEX/JCB)

You can use the credit card payment up to 5,000,000 yen per month. If you have multiple credit cards registered, the payment amount of all cards cannot exceed the limit.

Prices in SUPER DELIVERY are displayed in Japanese yen.
The applicable exchange rates for each currency differ depending on credit card companies.

*Note: We will charge your credit card/PayPal the actual cost only when the stock has been delivered. When you placed an order, we make the pre-authorization (similar to the way when you use the credit card/PayPal at Hotel or Rental car).

A credit card confirmation message (SMS) would be sent when you place the order, but the amount is not charged but held until the products are shipped. When the products are shipped from the vendor and your order is under preparing export, the actual amount will be charged.

Due to the Debit card / Check card may cause temporary “double-charge”, and takes time to refund, please confirm carefully before you make the order by the Debit card / Check card.

Telegraphic Transfer

You will be responsible for the extra fees charged for telegraphic transfer.
Please make a payment based on Japanese yen.
Please be aware that we cannot ship if you have not paid the billing amount completely.
If we cannot confirm your payment within 5 business days after you place your order, it will be canceled automatically.

  • In case the billing amount is partially paid:
    We will ask you to make a payment again. If we cannot confirm your payment within 5 days of notification, your order will be canceled automatically.
  • In case you pay more than the billing amount or there’s an amount difference due to quantity change by a vendor: 
    Please refer to About Refund.

If you would like to use net banking WISE, please kindly contact Customer support after you receive the email regarding the payment due date.
We will provide a Japan local account for you to complete the payment on WISE. (The bank account in the automatic email cannot be used for WISE.)