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How to make a large order consultation?

In SUPER DELIVERY, we have set up a large order consultation form for users who wish to make a large order. It is possible for users to lower the wholesale price and reduce international shipping costs by the following steps.

1. Supported by SUPER DELIVERY

Through the “Large Order Estimate Request” form, you can realize the price of the items of multiple vendors and container transportation. When consulting, you need to provide the vendor name, SD item code, set number, quantity and the price you preferred. You can also consult items that have not been sold in SUPER DELIVERY. In this case, you will need to provide the items’ Jan code, items’ name, quantity and the unit price of the desired item.

2. Supported by Vendor

You can consult any item by clicking the “Purchase Request・Inquiry” link at the product page.
But in this way, you can only consult the large order’s price of a vendor’s side but cannot use container transportation.

Please pay attention!

*A large order should be the total amount of JPY 1,000,000 or more(USD 10,000) .

For details on the large order purchase process and conditions, please refer to the following SUPER DELIVERY blog content .