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SUPER DELIVERY is a service for business use.
Use of this service requires membership registration.

Registration Requirements

  • You have to be running physical stores (including ones in preparation) or online shopping sites that mainly handle any of the following items.
    • Clothing
    • Fashion accessories
    • Interior
    • Furniture
    • Lifestyle goods
    • General goods
    • Toys
    • Hobby items
    • Pet
    • Leisure and sporting goods
    • Appliances
  • You have to purchase items for the purpose of resale (except for sample items).
  • You have to obtain the licenser’s permission to process and sell purchased goods.
  • You have to sell items with an inventory.
  • You have to be able to use Japanese or English. Please be aware that we cannot communicate in other languages.
  • If your shop is under-preparing or you don’t have a physical shop yet, please provide us the document that can help us to confirm your business information.